Since its reopening in 2001 and the conclusion of its complete restoration in 2005, the Pfingstberg in Potsdam has awakened from a long period of slumber.

Each year thousands of visitors are lured here by celebrations, parties, weddings and receptions as well as art and culture, but particularly by the “beautiful views” from the Belvedere towers.

Famous architects (Schinkel, Persius, Hesse, Stüler) and the landscape designer Peter Joseph Lenné were able to make the dreams of King Frederick William IV come true. The Belvedere and the Temple of Pomona, both surrounded by a 160-year-old English garden, form a perfect triad of “culture in nature!”


Permanent exhibition about the history

Permanent exhibition "Potsdam Visions With Outlook" in the palace Belvedere on the Pfingstberg.

The permanent exhibition with the name "Potsdam Visions From a New Perspective" was opened in August 2014. It is presented in German and English and there are offers for children as well. The exhibition is also augmented by multimedia presentations.

It tells the turbulent history of the Pf ingstberg ensemble, which was completed in 1863, fell into decline after 1961 and was rebuilt after 1987. The entrance is included in the entrance into the palace. Have a look on it!