Special Events on Pfingstberg

Music, theater or storytelling on Pfingstberg are truly royal experiences – and a true labor of love for the Förderverein Pfingstberg. The group of people who committed themselves to the preservation of the ensemble at the end of the 1980s, and from whom the Förderverein Pfingstberg emerged, drew attention to their cause through concerts and similar events held in front of the Belvedere. Bringing culture and people together in lively and enjoyable ways at this location is and has been one of the association’s primary concerns since its beginnings.

Culture in nature at the Belvedere © SPSG, FVP, Foto: Leo Seidel

In the warmer months visitors to Pfingstberg enjoy “Culture in Nature” – consisting of concerts, readings or theatrical narrations on the garden grounds and fairytales on the roof terrace on the Temple of Pomona.

Summer Theater on the Pfingstberg © SPSG, FVP

Moreover, art lovers can look forward to changing Exhibitions at the Temple of Pomona. And for many viewers the annual Summer Theater performances in front of the Belvedere, which have been a fixed event for a number of years, are regular dates on the calendar.

Moonlit night in Belvedere Palace © SPSG, FVP, Foto: Stephanie Schulze

Moon Nights, which take place four to five times each year, are also quite popular: The sunset and the rising moon make for a very romantic experience (Verlinkung) in the illuminated Belvedere and when viewed from the palace towers. In addition a glass of wine and pleasant music and the weekend can come.

Concert in the castle © SPSG, FVP

Guided tours are offered on a regular basis, given by association members who tell visitors about the eventful history of the historical ensemble. In addition, there are event cooperations with outside organizers, who create superb concerts on the water stage in the inner courtyard of the palace and are also responsible for bringing unusual programs to Potsdam, such as Live Audio Play Under a Starry Sky. You are cordially invited to spend time with us enjoying these afternoon and evening events, which we hope will relax and inspire you! The 2018 events are listed in our calendar. You can also download the program flyer.

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