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The Förderverein Pfingstberg in Potsdam e.V. is actively committed to the preservation of the historical Pfingstberg ensemble, which is part of the Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG).

Several thousand euros in donations are required annually for the reconstruction, conservation and maintenance of the architectural monuments and park grounds. The Förderverein Pfingstberg raises funds and donations for these purposes.

A joint spring cleaning at the Belvedere is just one of many association activities in which active members participate. © SPSG, FVP

Active Membership

Would you like to become involved with very special volunteer activities in Potsdam? As an active member of the Förderverein Pfingstberg you’ll be working at one of the most beautiful locations in Brandenburg’s capital ‒ for the historical ensemble of the Belvedere, Temple of Pomona and gardens of Lenné Park on Pfingstberg.

During your service as an active member you will be surrounded by a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will be helping to preserve this site by volunteering your time on several weekends a year, for example, at special events in the “Culture in Nature” series, where you inform visitors about the historical ensemble and also collect donations. Beyond this program, your support during other cultural events is welcome and greatly appreciated. In addition, if you would like to be involved in the care and maintenance of the park grounds or other activities that support the association, such volunteering is also possible.

Take a behind-the- scenes look at palace operations and work together with like-minded people to continue to preserve the extraordinary Pfingstberg site!
Membership fee: 26 €/per year (contribution reduced or exempt for students) and active membership (volunteering)

As a supporting member you help us to ensure that necessary renovation work, etc., can be carried out on Pfingstberg. © SPSG, FVP

Sponsoring Membership

As a sponsoring member, your annual membership fee in the amount of 100 euros will be used to help the association in its work to preserve the historical Pfingtsberg ensemble.

We will send you regular information about the association’s current projects and would also appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer, should you wish to be actively involved (volunteer) from time to time.

Membership fee: ab 100 € and above/per year

When your company decides to become an institutional sponsoring member, it helps to ensure that the Pfingstberg ensemble remains an experience for future generations. © SPSG, FVP, Foto: M. Lüder

Institutional Supporting Membership

Your company can also support the association’s commitment, making a contribution to ensure that one of the most beautiful places in Potsdam continues to remain an enjoyable and memorable experience for visitors.

Membership fee: 500 € and above/per year

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