Visitor survey 2021

Welcome to the Pfingstberg in Potsdam!

This survey is conducted by the association Förderverein Pfingstberg e.V. By sharing your opinions with us you help us to make visits to the Belvedere and the entire complex as pleasant as possible.
Your data will be used completely anonymously.

    1. General Information:


    YesNo, I’m a permanent residence in the federal state of/country:

    How did you become aware of the Pfingstberg? (Please check all that apply)

    Visitor Center, Stiftung Preußische
    Internet/Google search (for sights in Potsdam)
    Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
    A recommendation from friends/acquaintances
    Travel guide
    The Belvedere – Pfingstberg website
    Tourist information
    Brochure offer via Potsdam Tourismus

    3. Did you take a look at the Belvedere-Pfingstberg website before your visit?


    If yes, did you find all the relevant information that you required?


    If not, what do you feel was missing?

    4. Did you listen to the audio guide on the history of the Belvedere during your visit to the palace (via QR-Code)?


    If no, why not?

    I didn‘t know there is an audio guide
    No interest
    If yes, how did you find about it?
    Through the staff at the ticket counter
    The stickers on the listening stations at the palace
    The information board at the ticket counter
    By asking at the ticket counter

    5. Have you ever used digital museum offers?


    If you answered no, why haven‘t you used the digital offers?

    I wasn‘t aware or didn‘t notice that such offers are available
    I‘m generally not interesed in such offers
    Yes, I‘ve taken virtual tours/visited exhibitions
    Yes, I‘ve taken advantage of film offers
    Yes, an app/multimedia guide/digital museum tours
    Yes, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) offers (for example, 3D animated models or 360° panoramas)

    If yes, how did you like the digital offers?

    I did and would like more of them because they enhance on-site offers
    I was less impressed than expected

    Please name some museums whose digital offers you have used:

    What type of offers could you imagine using, also on-site at museums?

    6. Did you buy an souvenir at the registers?


    If no, why not?

    I didn‘t like the selection
    The items are too expensive
    I‘m generally uninterested in souvenirs
    I didn‘t notice things for sale

    What would you have liked to have seen among the souvenirs available for purchase?

    7. Do you feel like you were well informed and advised by the staff at the palace?


    If no, why not?

    Yes, I have read the data protection declaration and I consent to the data I have provided being collected and stored electronically. My data will only be used strictly for the purpose of processing and answering my request. By submitting the contact form, I agree to the processing.