03. September 2022
18 to 22 h

Italian Evening at the Belvedere Pfingstberg

With the Belvedere Pfingstberg, Friedrich Wilhelm IV brought his great “Italian dream” to Potsdam. Inspired above all by Roman buildings, the architecture of the Belvedere Palace reflects, among others, the Villa Medici with its soaring towers or the Villa d’Este in Tivoli. To this day, it remains one of the most imposing buildings with a unique Italian flair in the state capital, inviting visitors to stroll and dream with its picturesque arcades and Potdam’s most beautiful view. So where better to enjoy an Italian summer evening full of lightness, music and good food typical of the country than here? The guests of this evening can expect Italian antipasti, selected wines and Adriano Mottola, who in his music – from pop and swing to jazz – brings the most diverse characters to life and accompanies his listeners through the evening with passion and temperament.

Belvedere Pfingstberg, tickets available at the box office Belvedere from July 15 (limited contingent), VVK 12 €/ 10 € (excluding food and drinks).