Patrons and Sponsors

The reconstruction of the Belvedere would not have been possible without generous donations. In addition to large donors, many private individuals and companies have supported the renovations with financial contributions or donations of materials.

The Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung supported the gate hall, the open staircases, the west arcades and the west colonnade of the Belvedere up to 50%. The foundation agreed to double every German mark that was collected as a donation up to 3.5 million DM. Consequently, the total construction expenses for these building segments (7.3 million DM) could be raised.

An individual donation of 4.5 million DM from Dr. Werner Otto, the founder of the mail order catalogue company, made the restoration of the western tower possible. In November 2000, during a construction site inspection, the safeguarding of the building from further decline was assured through the promise of an additional donation in the amount of 6 to 8 million DM from the Otto company.

Thanks to the secured financing through this large donation, the restoration work made swift progress on the eastern colonnade and northern arcade, so that the eastern tower could also be opened at a celebration in June 2003.

The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (a federal foundation promoting environmental projects) financed one third of the technically complicated reclamation of the water basin in the Belvedere’s inner courtyard, where particularly charming reflections of the architecture can now be seen.
Ten benches have been set up around the water basin in the west and east arcades, which encourage visitors to experience moments of rest and enjoyment. Two benches at the Temple of Pomona offer a view onto the marvelous gardens and over Potsdam’s rich gardening empire. All of the benches were sponsored by private individuals or companies and donor’s names are recorded on small plaques that are mounted to them. Further benches may still be acquired by new sponsors for the lawn parterres and for the exhibition on the Belvedere’s architectural history.

The last stages of construction at the Belvedere, the two wing walls, which mark the forecourt of the Belvedere, were able to be completed in May 2005 through a large donation from the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung. At that point the reconstruction building measures were concluded – and it is now necessary to maintain the architectural and gardening ensemble within the framework of a successful service operation.

During its cultural events, the Förderverein Pfingstberg is uniquely supported by the Radeberger Gruppe, which helps to make the concerts and theater events possible by supplying local non-alcoholic drinks on tap, seltzer and beer (Rex, Schultheiss and Berliner Kindl), as well as by providing the seating in and around the Belvedere.