Potsdamer Ehrenamtspreis 2008 (Potsdam Prize for Community Service in 2008)

Most recently, the supporting association received the “Potsdamer Ehrenamtspreis 2008” for its voluntary service. The association was awarded the prize in the category “projects” for the project “Culture in Nature.” The laudation praised the association members who have brought the Belvedere back to life again through their selfless and intensive dedication of time and work. The awards ceremony took place at Potsdam’s Friedenskirche (Church of Peace) on Sept. 3, 2008.

Tourismuspreis 2006 (Tourism Prize in 2006)

In 2006, the association received the first tourism prize to be awarded by the federal state of Brandenburg, accompanied by 2,500 euros prize money.
The prize honors creative tourist offerings in Brandenburg. The criteria for the selection of the tourism prize are innovation, originality, marketability and customer focus.
The prize was awarded as a result of the versatile use of the Pfingstberg and the high level of its cultural events. By setting an example, the association has been able to advance the cultural orientation of tourism in Potsdam and Brandenburg in a unique way.

Brandenburgischer Denkmalpflegepreis 2004 (Brandenburg Historic Preservation Prize in 2004)

In 2004, the Förderverein Pfingstberg in Potsdam e.V. received recognition from the federal state of Brandenburg and the LAND BRANDENBURG LOTTO GmbH in the form of the Brandenburgischer Denkmalpflegepreis for its long-standing commendable activities in terms of the preservation, care, support, reconstruction and appropriate conservational use of the historical ensemble.