Guided Tours by Members

A number of the Förderverein Pfingstberg’s members are trained and dedicated tour guides for the Pfingstberg and the Belvedere. Some are especially well-informed in questions concerning reconstruction and historic preservation, others in the history of the association.

Guided tours cover the history of the origins of the Temple of Pomona and the Belvedere, their decline and their reconstruction from 1945 to the present, as well as their architectural designs and use by a broad public today. They are held both in German and in English.

It is possible to rent a shuttle-bus, that takes you to your guided tour on the pfingstberg. 

Further information and registration for guided tours is available through the association office.


Audio guides for adults and children

Audio guides for adults and children on the Pfingstberg Potsdam. (c) SPSG, Förderverein Pfingstberg

It is also possible to try our audio guides for adults and children. You can hear a lot of different contemporary witnesses and their storys about the past of the palace. Children have their own version. You can get the audio guides during our opening hours. The project was supported by the European Regional Development Fund.